Day 257: the count is over

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Eight months ago, and 12 days after the National Energy Guarantee was killed off, we started counting the days since Australia had a comprehensive energy policy. It has been a fun ride 🎢, tracking the policy spin level shifting from mild to cyclonic 🌪. We’re glad you could join us, and greatly appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided along the way.

In a little over two weeks, the 2019 federal election campaign will come to an end and regardless of who wins, the count will be over.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy honing our subscription offering - from Schwartz Pro. As you know, the policy solutions needed to manage a transitioning industry have never been more complex. But much of the coverage of the sector is caught up with politics.

We offer context, and tools we hope will save you time in understanding new or emerging policy, and the people that shape it. Some of this we’ve shared with you already, like our Friday exclusives, our Sitting Week emails from Karen Middleton, and our extremely popular Energy People newsletter.

You can gain ongoing access to these and more by subscribing to our Advisory Team service. It includes a dashboard you can tailor based purely on your interests, a personalised calendar so you never miss a critical submission deadline, and the only comprehensive directory of the people that shape energy policy in Australia.

You told us you like to share insights with your colleagues, so we’ve designed this service for teams of three people — more on that, and all the features that come with it, here.

As one of our early followers, we wanted you to be the first to hear of the launch of Schwartz Pro, and our new subscription offering. To thank you for your support, we’ll upgrade your Mercenary subscription to Advisory Team level for three months if you take out an annual Mercenary subscription before the end of May. That’s a saving of $600, and means you and two of your colleagues gain access to our premium subscription product.

Our daily free newsletter will now revert to weekly - watch out for it Monday.

We hope you’ll support independent, advertising-free journalism. Beyond that, we’re here to save you time and make you look good in your next meeting, so if not for journalism, do it for your career.

— Charis Palmer, Editor

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